Installing An Additional Hard Drive In Your Windows 8 System

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Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest Windows operating system and has a user interface that is radically different from its predecessors. But, the basic OS structure is almost the same and many of the standard options for OS recovery, Disk Management, and the like are present in the new OS as well.

For example, the Disk Management function for re-partitioning the hard drive or for adding a new hard disk to the system has not changed much in Microsoft Windows 8. If you want to install an additional hard disk to your system, all you need to do is get the new hard disc and necessary SATA cables for connecting it with the CPU.

Although it is not rocket science and you can do it all by yourself, it is always a good idea to seek professional help if you have no idea about what you are doing. But if you are ready to go, just shutdown the system, and remove the power cable and all the other wires connected to the CPU.

Your CPU has two side panels. One of them will be fixed and the other one will be removable. Place the CPU on its side with the fixed side panel facing the floor. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws on the side panel on the other side. After removing the side panel, take your new hard disk and attach it to one of the free disk slots you see there. Use screws to secure the hard disk in its position firmly.

Take the suitable SATA cable and connect it to the hard drive. Find a fee SATA slot on your system motherboard and attach the other end of the SATA cable there. You will also have to connect a SATA power cable from the power supply point to the hard disk. Now, put the side panel back in its position and put the screws back to close the lid.

OS Recovery

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Connect all the wires and the power cable you removed from the CPU, and when done, switch on the computer. The Windows 8 OS will load in a few seconds. Launch the Run command in the OS by using the Windows + R shortcut key combination. Execute the command diskmgmt.msc to open Disk Management utility. There, right-click on the space marked as Unallocated and click on the option New Simple Volume to start with the setup process for the new hard disk.

It’s all simple as that. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, if you have any doubts with the procedure, feel free to get in touch with experts over the toll-free number.

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April Update Compulsory For Windows 8.1 Patches

Install Windows 8

Windows 8 Installation

In order to make the latest operating system of Microsoft- Windows 8 more popular, a new update for the same has been released called Windows 8.1. The main reasons that led to the failure of Windows 8 OS is the lack of the traditional Windows Start button and a new Windows Start screen, which made the life of Windows users with Windows 8 OS a more difficult one. This forced Microsoft to think about a new update, which focused on fixing the problems associated with Windows 8- the Windows 8.1.

Microsoft recently released an April update, which will help the current Windows users to install the Windows 8.1 patches easily and the tech giant has made it clear that those customers who have not installed the April update will not be able to install future bugs and patches for the latest Windows operating system. This was first announced by Microsoft when they released a new Windows 8.1 patch early in the month of April.

A spokesperson for Microsoft, Jill Lovato told to CNET through an email, “The majority of Windows 8.1 customers have installed the Windows 8.1 update. For those who have not yet made the transition, those newer updates offered with this month’s Update Tuesday will be considered ‘not applicable.’ Customers’ infrastructure will continue to function; however, it should be noted that they can’t consume any further updates until they apply the Windows 8.1 Update.”

Windows 8 Support

Windows 8 Features

It is recommended to install Windows 8 latest patches as they are meant to help the Windows 8 users who found it very difficult to access the new OS because of the new changes made by the tech giant Microsoft. Many users who have installed the Windows 8 operating system have found that the new OS of Microsoft favors the touch screen devices and that it is primarily meant for tablets. This is where April update comes in to play, as it is more desktop centric and features all those things that you missed in the previous Windows 8 operating system. Thus, for receiving future Windows 8.1 bugs and patches, it is necessary to install the Windows 8.1 April update.

It is very easy to install Windows 8 latest update and it is necessary to install it as soon as possible to receive the future updates. However, those users who have already enabled the option of Automatic updates would have got the update installed automatically. If you have not enabled it yet, you can turn it on with the click of a button in the Control Panel settings. For more news and information, contact our Windows 8 support number.

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Few Salient Features Of The FliteDeck App

Windows 8

         Windows 8 Operating System

It is good to know that Jeppesen recently launched the latest version of the unique FliteDeck App with many innovative changes incorporated to it. One of the most significant features added to the FliteDeck App is the display facility of their own ship positioning on the approach charts, with specific geographical references. Adding to that, Jeppesen also disclosed that their technical department has started the development activities of the special App, especially targeting commercial flight operators not on the android platform but on the Windows 8 surface tablet environment. Read along to know more regarding the advanced FliteDeck App.

The FliteDeck App

The latest features for the FliteDeck App is inclusive of a special tool that can be used to measure long distances in the format of range rings. These range rings can be expanded and compressed as the operator has zoom and pinches options to range the rings in and out. Adding to that, the range rings have the compass rose located at the central part that enables the pilots to view the bearings from the aircraft. A button is located on the side of the display with which the pilot can quickly switch on and off the range rings.

Jeppesen has also successfully incorporated the automatic display feature of airport taxi diagrams. This is indeed a special feature because the pilots can search for the airport taxi diagrams directly from the en route maps. They do not have to search or pull up the airport taxi diagrams after landing the aircraft.

Flight Operators

       Windows 8 RT Operating System

The pilots can easily flip between all the features on the airport charts with a simple two-finger swipe. There is another weather feature named as Nexrad added to the FliteDeck App. The radar facility was previously limited to echo tops. One of the most significant features of the App is that the pilots will be able to make the data input for multiple alternate airports in the flight schedule planner. Pilots can use this advanced feature to make appropriate changes in their flight schedules.

Tim Heugel, the director of Jeppesen revealed that the Surface Pro App is available to every user that has a device with the Windows 8 operating system. At the same time, the FliteDeck Pro App is available to users who have devices that run on the Windows 8 RT operating system.

The major advantage of using the Surface Pro App is that the user can simultaneously open two applications on the display window.

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Product Key Requirements For Windows 8 Installation

Windows 8 Installation

Installation Of Windows 8

The latest operating system released by Microsoft is the Windows 8 operating system. During the installation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, your system will ask you to type the product key for the software. This is the important step in the Windows 8 installation. In fact, there will be no option for you to add the product key down the line when you are installing the Windows 8 operating system. Without entering the product key and installing the OS, the process is useful in some scenarios. However, there are questions still among the users whether they will be able to install the final version of Windows 8 without the product key.

Then comes the question whether the final release of the Windows 8 version would need the product key when you opt for its installation. When the users contacted Microsoft, they were informed that things are in flux and the decision has not been finalized. However, there is change in word regarding the license terms of documents, which comes along with the Windows 8 operating system. Now, let’s take a look at the change in the license terms activation for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Mandatory Activation

The main intension behind this activation is mainly to avoid the pirated version of the Windows 8 operating system. For the first time, when you connect your computer to the internet, the licensed software will activate automatically. If you are unable to activate the software automatically, then the software will remind you to activate the software by displaying a pop up message. Make sure that you do not circumvent or bypass the activation.

Microsoft Support

Windows 8 Upgrade

This is quite different to the one that you will see in the license terms documents of the Windows 7 operating system. It will recommend that your Windows 7 activation will be automatic and will start the activation process as soon as you connect your computer to the web or internet. You would need the product key in order to activate your OS. Right at the point of installation, you need to type the product key. This task will be very much irritating for some type of users especially when creating temporary virtual machines.

Therefore, it is necessary to type the product key information so as to activate your OS right at the time of installation. For more on Windows 8 installation, contact the Microsoft support number.

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Windows 8- The Most Advanced Windows OS Version

Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 Issues

It has been almost two years since Windows 8 was launched officially by Microsoft. Although the operating system boasted of several advanced features, eventually, Windows 8 was severely panned by most users. Some PC purists even dubbed Windows 8 as Microsoft’s biggest debacle.

However, now, after the demise of Windows XP, many users have migrated to the latest OS. The fact is, although Windows 8 doesn’t have some of the essential basic features, the OS certainly has some of the out-of-box options that provide an advanced computing experience. Here, let us see some of the exquisite Windows 8 features.

Support for x86 PCs and ARM tablets

As compared to other versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 8 is the first edition to have support for both ARM-based tablets and traditional x86 PCs. The operating system works amazingly on the Arm-based chipsets due to the availability of touch features and other necessary options.

Touch-based interface

The best aspect of Windows 8 OS is that it has an advanced tile-based and touch-centric interface. As far as the Windows 8 Start Menu is concerned, it is customizable through a collection of tiles, which is quite different from the availability of icons in the traditional desktop.

Charms bar

This is the most advanced option Microsoft has implanted in Windows 8. Charms bar can be used to quickly configure settings for individual apps. The charms sidebar has five sets of options that support both app-specific settings as well as system settings. Some of the options include Start, Search and Share.

Web Navigation by touch

The Internet Explorer 10 browser that has been built into Windows 8 offers faster browsing options through hardware acceleration and advanced website navigation.

Better support for multiple monitors

App-Specific Settings

Windows 8 Updates

One of the interesting Windows 8 features is that the operating system has an increased support for multiple monitors. The feature includes stretching wallpapers across two monitors and displaying the Start screen in one PC and desktop on the other.

Faster boot up

Compared to all other versions of Windows operating system, Windows 8 boasts of the fastest boot up speed. Most Windows 8 users have mentioned that their Windows 8 systems take minimal time in starting up and shutting down, as compared to the earlier cases.

These are some of the useful and advanced features of Windows 8 operating system. So, if you’re still stuck with Windows XP or the older versions, make sure to do the Windows upgrade at the earliest.

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