Airport City Game Landing On Windows 8 And Windows Phone 8

WSindows 8

Airport City takes flight on Windows Phone

The Game Insight is a game developer that has been launching amazing games since its inception in 2010. This mobile and social games company has announced the launch of its famous and favorite title, Airport City on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 for the users from the Microsoft ecosystem. The game was released on iOS, Facebook and Android. The game allows the players to take control of a growing city, hosted by an international airport.

The Game Insight has been a leading game developer since its inception that is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Paradise Island by Insight was a great hit in the Android Market. The game Resort World gained more players as it was launched for the Facebook users. Resort world was the first game that was launched by Insight.

The city building strategy title sees players concentrating on the construction of both the airport and the town, adding business to the city, collecting passengers for flight, accommodations for visiting guests and entertainment venues. All this is built ensuring that the current residents are happy and satisfied with it.

More than 37 million people worldwide have been playing this wonderful game, the Airport City. Some of the other titles for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are My Country, 2020 and Rule the Kingdom. Over 5 million users have played the game My Country. Hence, Airport City also expects the same numbers in the new platform.

Microsoft ecosystem

Windows Phones to get more games

There are huge numbers of growing audiences on both the platforms, which also has a great potential, was a comment on the Windows platforms by the President of Production at Game Insight, Alexander Vashchenko. He also added that they are expecting a lot more audiences and fans from the users of the Microsoft ecosystem for one of Game Insight’s top game Airport City.

The year 2014 has been keeping Game Insight very busy with its release and announcement of many games for iPad, Facebook, etc. The game that was launched on iOS and Android is Tribez & Castlez and the game that was released on iOS in the month of March was the pre-historic city-builder Adventure Era.

Keep following us to know more about Airport City. Keep a close check on updates about Game Insight’s other games that are yet to be released and their updates. This can be done on AppData, which is a tracking platform for social apps and mobile and developers.

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How To Add POP Email In Windows 8 Mail Application

Microsoft Windows 8

Features Of Windows 8

After the release of Windows 8, we have heard many complaints about the various drawbacks of the operating system. However, most of you might not be aware about one particular drawback in the default email application of the operating system.

Windows 8 mail application does not support POP3 accounts. Most of the email service providers on the other hand support POP accounts. However, since there is no other email application developed for Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, you may add your internet email account in the program by using a small trick.  Keep in mind that it is not necessary that you should add your internet email account to the application. You may launch Internet Explorer browser, navigate to the page of your internet email service provider and view the emails in your account. Let us go through the steps involved in this process below.

Steps Involved

  • Use your Microsoft username and password to sign in to If you have not created a Microsoft account, sign up for an account.
  • Locate and select the option More Mail Settings found at the upper right of the window.
  • The above step opens a new screen.
  • Choose the option Managing your account and then select Sending / receiving email from other accounts.
  • Click the option Add an email account, which you will find under the heading You Can Receive Email from These Accounts. This step will launch a new window where you should enter the email address and password of your Microsoft account.
  • Choose the option Advanced Settings.
  • Enter the name of the POP server. You may mark the option SSL and click Next.
  • Choose folder in the next step.

    Microsoft Chat

    Windows 8 Installation

  • Select the Save button to save your settings.
  • Next step is to verify the email address. For this, click the link received on the email account. By this, the email application will show the emails stored in the configured internet server.
  • Choose the option Settings and then select Accounts.
  • Choose Outlook and then type the username and password for the account.
  • Click the option Connect.

With the above steps, you can configure your Microsoft Windows 8 mail application with POP account. If you have any doubts regarding the steps we have mentioned, you may contact our technical support team or Microsoft chat support for assistance.

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Xbox One Users Complain About Noisy Disk Drives

Microsoft Help Line

Microsoft Gaming Devices

After the launch of Xbox One in November 13, 2013, some of the users have reported that the disc drive in the console is making loud noises. Some others have also complained to Microsoft help line that they are unable to read discs in the program. However, Microsoft was quick to respond to these complaints and the software giant has decided to replace all the faulty consoles.

Microsoft help line says, “The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers”, and that “We’re working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program.” The issues arising about the console could seriously affect the sales of the device. Xbox One is posing fierce competition to Sony’s PlayStation 4. However, Microsoft is concerned whether the new issues would avert customers from choosing Xbox One, and opt for PlayStation.

Microsoft has already released Xbox and Xbox 360, which did decent performance in the market. However, these consoles could not outperform the sales of their corresponding PlayStation competitors. Now, with Xbox One, Microsoft hopes to surpass PlayStation 4 in terms of numbers, and therefore wishes to fix the newly arisen issue quickly. The official spokesperson of Microsoft states, “We know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions and we have many avenues for customers to get the answers they need and get back in the game as soon as possible.” He further adds, “Rest assured we plan to take care of our customers. Any customer who believes they are experiencing an issue with their Xbox One should reach out to us.”

Storage Space

Microsoft Gaming Consoles

According to Microsoft help line, Xbox One comes with Xbox OS and a memory of 8GB. It uses HDMI ports for input functions and has various connectivity modes like Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 etc. Microsoft help line says that the device comes with a storage space of 500 GB and an AMD 8 core processor. However, a small drawback of Xbox One consoles is that they do not have backward compatibility. This means Xbox One will not be able to communicate with Xbox 360 consoles, which would certainly disappoint many users.

On the other hand, Xbox’s rival PlayStation, is not also free from troubles. Some of the users of the console have reported faulty HDMI ports on the consoles. However, we are yet to receive an official response from Sony about this issue.

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Installing Windows 8 As A Virtual Machine

Windows 8 Installation

Windows 8 Upgrade

Windows 8 operating system comes with some of the most modern features that were not available in the previous versions. Some of these include a modern UI interface, Charms bar, live tiles replacing icons, etc. If you are opting for a Windows 8 installation, the following instructions would be helpful for you:

  • In the first step, you need to download the ISO image of Windows 8. After downloading the VM Virtual Box program, you need to launch the application from the Windows Programs Menu. Now, you need to click on the New button, and create a new Windows 8 Virtual Machine. Click the Hide Description button to get started.
  • Now, you would need to name your virtual machine and set the operating system as Windows and Windows 8 for the version. Now, you need to assign RAM to your new Windows 8 VM.
  • While allocating, you should set it as at least 1024 MB though you can always move that slider further right to 2 GB for improved performance. Now, you need to click Create.
  • Now, you would require saving the file. The minimum space required to save Windows 8 without any additional apps is 25 GB.
  • Now, you need to set the file type for the disk as VirtualBox Disk Image. Make sure you assign the virtual hard disk a fixed size because it would offer the best performance. You are all set to create new hard disk for Windows 8.
  • Now, the Windows 8 installation is almost over. Before you can run it, you need to make certain modifications. As far as the modifications are concerned, you would need to select the Windows 8 VM and press Ctrl + S to open the Settings window.
  • Now, you would need to click OK to save all the settings and double-click the Virtual Machine termed as Windows 8 to launch the program.

    Charms Bar

    Windows 8 Versions

  • For this, you would need to insert the Windows 8 installer DVD or even click the folder icon. Now, you can browse to the folder where you have initially stored Windows 8 ISO.
  • In the final step, you need to click on the Next button to start the actual Windows 8 setup routine.

These steps would help you to successfully install Windows 8 in your system. For more information regarding the Windows 8 features, feel free to contact our 24/7 technical support team.

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Dealing With The Outlook 2010 To IPhone Syncing Error

Outlook problems

fix Outlook problems

Although Outlook is an email client application, which is mostly used in the Windows platform, it has been introduced in the other platforms such as Android and iOS. You can use Outlook in their iPhones or Android based devices in the same way as they would on a Windows powered device. Most Outlook problems that users come across when they use it on a different platform like iOS or Android are due to the failure to update their respective operating systems. A few months back, I had a very difficult time tackling an Outlook problem in my iPhone after I updated the OS to iOS4. The problem was that I could not synchronize my iPhone with Outlook 2010 anymore.

When I contacted the tech service personnel, I was told that the issue could be due to the following causes – update problems, or problems with the iTunes or Outlook itself or some setup issues. And, I was given some tips to fix them on my own.

Update issues

iOS4.01 update

Outlook help desk

The iOS4 update of Apple contained featured like ActiveSync. As it is widely known, ActiveSync is a Microsoft feature that facilitates synchronization between Exchange server and mobile devices. However, this feature may get stuck when larger number users try to sync their mobile devices with Exchange server in an office. ActiveSync feature that came with iOS4.01 update featured an updated configuration profile to tackle such problems. As per the new profile, the sync requests will not get timed out. Consequently, users will not need to check frequently whether the request is timed out. The best part of this feature, hence, is that you can go back to your business without having to check from time to time about the sync request status. Once the request for sync is accepted, the device will start syncing with the Exchange Server whenever it becomes available.

Sync issues with Note

When the Exchange notes do not have any contents, users will come across Outlook problems like error while syncing the Exchange note with iOS4. To fix such issues, ensure that the Exchange notes are not empty.

Hope this article was helpful to you for fixing the Outlook problems in your iPhone device. To get any assistance regarding this, contact the Microsoft Outlook help desk online.

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