How To Get The New Microsoft Windows 8 Os

Downloading Windows 8

                                                   About the Windows 8 OS

The new operating system from Microsoft was received with mixed reactions so far. However, this might change with the introduction of many new features in the update, Windows 8.1. There would be many among you, who still have not updated to Windows 8, but are now considering downloading Windows 8, as they are confident that Microsoft will fix all the problems with the release of Windows 8.1.

About downloading Windows 8

It is indeed possible to make the purchase and get the Windows 8 OS from online. It is safe to make the purchase online, directly from the Microsoft Windows 8 website, as this way, you can make sure that the Windows 8 OS you are purchasing is not a pirated version.

First, you have to download the Upgrade Assistant application from the official Microsoft website. When you run this application in your system, it will check the different hardware components and software applications that you have installed in your system, for compatibility with Windows 8.

The Upgrade Assistant will let you know whether your system is Windows 8-ready. If not, it will suggest the changes required.

Installing the Windows 8 OS in your system

Metro UI

  Upgrade to Windows 8 OS

Downloading Windows 8 is going to take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection. Once you make the payment, you would be sent the product key for the Windows 8 installation. This key will be asked during the installation process, to verify whether the Windows 8 OS you are installing is genuine. So, keep this key safe.

The Windows 8 OS is available in three versions – Windows 8 OS (the basic edition), Windows 8 OS Pro and the Enterprise edition. The price for these versions varies. If you are waiting for the launch of Windows 8.1 for the prices to come down, you should know that Microsoft is going to keep the prices unaltered for these editions of Windows 8.1 as well.

Download the installer file or the image file for the Windows 8 OS. In both cases, create an installation disc by burning the file on to a disc. Now, you can use either use the installer, or the installation disc, to initiate the Windows 8 installation.

The installation process of Windows 8 would take less than a minute. Soon, the new touch-screen Metro UI of the Windows 8 OS would greet you. You will find the Windows 8 OS to be better-performing than its predecessors.