Microsoft Plans To Tighten Activation Policy To Stop Piracy

Windows 8

      Windows 8.1 operating system

In an effort to reduce the piracy problem, Microsoft plans to implement several strategies to implement their product activation. Ever since Microsoft launched their Windows XP operating software, pirates have been unlocking each new versions of the operating system successfully. This leads to great loss in revenue for Microsoft, and they are planning to implement new strategies and policies for reviewing and making the operating system secure and unbreakable.

The new Windows 8 operating system from the Microsoft family also faced the same fate when hackers released a copy of their OEM version in the internet for free. The activation code for the operating system was then shortly released to the net. So now, Microsoft is planning to implement new strategies for obtaining the OEM key so that the distribution of the product license becomes difficult.

At first, most of the companies used a single key to activate their shipped machines around the world, this was the main reason for the hacking of the OEM operating systems, as if you get one code you will be able to use that for any number of machines. However, with the unveiling of their new Windows 8.1 operating system, Microsoft has something different in store for protecting their OEM systems. Each product will be now shipped with a separate unique OEM activation code so that no other device can be activated using that code.

OEM activation code

         Windows 8 activation

This activation key will be written in the BIOS of the system, so that only the system in which it is written will be activated by using that key. This new policy acts as a blow not only to the software pirates, but also to crooked OEMs who try to avoid paying license fees to Microsoft for installing the OS in their devices. Now with the new strategy, OEMs will have to pay for every activation key they procure. Another improvement Microsoft has made is the presence of a genuine Microsoft certificate of authenticity on OEM devices.

But this new strategy will be applicable only for Windows 8 operating system. If the move succeeds as Microsoft has planned, then almost all operating systems from Microsoft will be moved to follow the new policy. However, these changes of policies will not affect the end user if he is not trying to install a pirated version of the Windows operating system. For knowing more about the new activation policy of Microsoft, visit the Microsoft support site.