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Windows 8 installation of additional fonts into the operating system

To complete the customization of any operating system, it is necessary that the regional or international languages and the fonts are installed. Windows 8 installation of fonts is very easy and quick. Like any other operating system, Windows 8 has a Windows directory called Fonts. Well known font types are Open Type fonts, True Type fonts and Clear Type fonts. More fonts can be always added into the operating system. In the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has added some new fonts. These fonts are enough for a normal user. However, if the user wants to add any special font type, he can there are options for that too. When working with graphic oriented software like CorelDraw and Photoshop, additional fonts may be required.

Windows 8 installation of fonts in 6 simple steps

If ever, the user wants to add any extra font types into the Windows 8 operating system, these steps can be followed. The steps are:

  • Copy the font file (.ttf) that you want to add to Windows 8 computer from the source location.
  • With administrative privileges, log into your Microsoft Windows 8 computer. Click on Control Panel icon in the system tray.
  • From the newly opened window, select More Settings option at the bottom of the list in the left pane.
  • In the next window, click on the drop down list of View menu. Select the Small Icons option.
  • Click on Fonts from the options. Here, paste the copied font file.
  • Right click anywhere on the free space and from the context menu click, on the Paste option to add the new font.

This will add the font into the operating system.

Installing font in Windows 8 system

If you have downloaded a font file from any website, you can install that in Windows 8 by following the below steps:

  • In the Metro Start Menu, click / tap on Windows Explorer.
  • ¬†Browse to the font file. Right click on it and select Install.
  • There is another way to install the fonts; the easiest of all. Simply open the font file and press the Install button.

These methods will help you install a new font type into the Windows 8 operating system. Have a nice day!