Windows 8 installation from an from ISO image file

Windows 8 installation

Even though Microsoft has not yet released Windows 8, the computer world is getting a feel of it with the pre beta version of Windows 8 which is the Developer Preview from an ISO image file.

Now, you may also want to get a taste of the brand new operating system without having to wait till 2012, when the release of the standard edition of Windows 8 is expected.

Well, Windows 8 installation from an ISO image file is not a hard task. All you have to do is download an ISO image file from the Microsoft Windows 8 website to start the Windows 8 installation process.

Once you are ready with the downloaded image file, follow these Windows 8 installation steps to experience the new operating system from Microsoft.

Performing a Windows 8 installation

To start off with the Windows 8 installation procedure, you need to burn a DVD with your ISO image file. Now to continue with the Windows 8 installation process, you need to install Windows 8 to your computer from that DVD.

Windows 8 installation

Now to go ahead with the Windows 8 installation, Windows 8 support asks you to mount the ISO image as a drive for your computer. Once you mount an ISO image file as a DVD drive, your computer will consider it as a normal DVD driver. And hence you will able to browse all the files included in the ISO image file from the mounted drive.

Now follow the normal installation process to install Windows 8 from the inserted DVD drive.

But if you don’t have a DVD drive or you need to install it from a USB drive, then copy the ISO image file to the USB drive and then install Windows 8 to your computer from that USB drive.

Now, wasn’t the Windows 8 installation process easy? So what you waiting for?

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