The Availability Of Viber On Windows 8 OS

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      Windows 8 operating system

In the metro UI operating system- the Windows 8, the VOIP and free messaging service Viber has arrived. The arrival has created much enthusiasm among the users, as Viber was made available on popular mobile platforms like Apple’s iOS and Android long ago.

A specially designed Viber for Windows 8 is available which includes some very special exclusives for the Windows 8. The Viber conversations can easily be pinned to the Start screen and Viber can be snapped to the side, which is a huge advantage for users as when one side of the screen users take up for doing their personal work, the Viber sits happily on the other side without disturbing you. By making use of the search charm, contacts can be searched, altering of the languages is possible and so on and even the availability of Viber stickers makes a Windows 8 user’s Viber experience truly amazing.

Talmon Marco, the CEO of Viber said, ”This is the natural next step for Viber following our support for Windows Phone 8, bringing a fully compatible and custom designed version of Viber to Microsoft’s touch-friendly OS”. For the Windows 8 phones, a better and improved Viber app was released that included quite a lot of improvements and features.

Talmon Marco added, ”Windows 8 is an exciting platform to develop for, and brings a whole new set of UI elements and unique functionality to Viber for the first time”. “We are excited to support Viber users on Windows 8 and this is part of our commitment to wide, cross platform availability.”


     Viber for Windows 8

Apps for the Windows 8 are contained in the Windows Store, Viber app can be downloaded with no real difficulty but by just accessing the Windows Store and that too without even spending a single dollar, the download can be done. However, you require an internet connection for the download to take place.

A new Viber Out feature is now available. One can make cheap calls by making use of the Viber Out feature to mobile phones and land phones around the globe.

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