How To Uninstall Programs In Windows 8?

Windows 8 installation

Methods of uninstalling Windows 8

We work on different platforms and Windows 8 is one among them. It is an operating system that was awaited with much patience and curiosity. Windows 8 has incorporated many features and options when compared to Windows 7. If you have tried the beta version of Windows 8, you will definitely understand that Windows 8 is much advanced when compared to Windows 7 in terms of technology. The Windows 8 installation has definitely made it possible to include new features to the Windows users.

We install many programs on our computer to satisfy our requirements irrespective of the operating system we have. The Windows 8 installation process is quite simple. Sometimes we may have to uninstall different programs for various purposes.  If you had Windows 7 prior to installing Windows 8 on your computer, you would have some idea about uninstalling programs from your computer.

Let us check the different steps involved in uninstalling programs in Windows 8.

  • You can click on Windows Hot key on your keyboard and choose “Control Panel” from the menu that is available. You will find Consumer preview and higher.

    Windows 8

    Steps to uninstall programs in Windows 8

  • You can scroll down and select “More Settings”.
  • You can select “Programs” if you are choosing them on the basis of category that are listed or click on “Programs and Features” if you are able to view Small icons on the page.
  • A new list of programs will appear on the screen. These are the different programs that have been installed on your computer. You can click on any of the program that you want to uninstall or change. If you click on “Uninstall”, the program will be changed entirely from your computer system.

It is really simple to uninstall a program in Windows 8. The same applies for installing program in Windows 8. When you try to install a new application on your computer, the CD will provide an EXE file which you can open and follow the installation wizard to complete the setup process. There are certain programs that consist of inbuilt uninstallers. Such programs can be uninstalled quickly by pressing on uninstall button. But if you need assistance in uninstalling the program manually, you can follow the above instructions to accomplish the task.