Product Key Requirements For Windows 8 Installation

Windows 8 Installation

Installation Of Windows 8

The latest operating system released by Microsoft is the Windows 8 operating system. During the installation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, your system will ask you to type the product key for the software. This is the important step in the Windows 8 installation. In fact, there will be no option for you to add the product key down the line when you are installing the Windows 8 operating system. Without entering the product key and installing the OS, the process is useful in some scenarios. However, there are questions still among the users whether they will be able to install the final version of Windows 8 without the product key.

Then comes the question whether the final release of the Windows 8 version would need the product key when you opt for its installation. When the users contacted Microsoft, they were informed that things are in flux and the decision has not been finalized. However, there is change in word regarding the license terms of documents, which comes along with the Windows 8 operating system. Now, let’s take a look at the change in the license terms activation for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Mandatory Activation

The main intension behind this activation is mainly to avoid the pirated version of the Windows 8 operating system. For the first time, when you connect your computer to the internet, the licensed software will activate automatically. If you are unable to activate the software automatically, then the software will remind you to activate the software by displaying a pop up message. Make sure that you do not circumvent or bypass the activation.

Microsoft Support

Windows 8 Upgrade

This is quite different to the one that you will see in the license terms documents of the Windows 7 operating system. It will recommend that your Windows 7 activation will be automatic and will start the activation process as soon as you connect your computer to the web or internet. You would need the product key in order to activate your OS. Right at the point of installation, you need to type the product key. This task will be very much irritating for some type of users especially when creating temporary virtual machines.

Therefore, it is necessary to type the product key information so as to activate your OS right at the time of installation. For more on Windows 8 installation, contact the Microsoft support number.