Windows 8 Is A Business Friendly Operating System

Windows 8

     Windows 8-Business Friendly OS

The latest operating system from the Windows family, released by Microsoft, is Windows 8. It was released in the year 2012, and it is slowly becoming popular among the business people. In fact, Microsoft has included numerous new and improved features and functions in this new OS, making it the most versatile OS coming from the Windows family.

Microsoft has included a new user interface and a Start screen, which is suitable for the touch screen devices. Moreover, it has many functions that make it a friendly operating system for the business people. Let’s see how the functions of this operating system will help boost any business.

Just after the release of this operating system by Microsoft, many businesses said ‘no’ to this OS because of the fact that still many of the businesses and companies are running on Windows XP. However, Microsoft is repeatedly saying that this OS is mainly intended for touch screen devices, but they are forgetting the fact that most of the customers of Microsoft do not have touch screen devices at their disposal. But, it is a fact that Windows 8 will serve many functions that would be vital for the businesses to run efficiently.


     About Windows 8

Microsoft has integrated an improved DirectAccess feature within the new OS, which will help a user to centrally manage VPN-like connection by just double clicking it for being connected. This is in fact an awesome feature of this OS. This DirectAccess feature will work fine in this new operating system of Microsoft.

In addition, Microsoft’s new file sharing protocol in Windows Server 2012, called SMB 3.0 is more suitable with the new OS. Clustered File servers have a revamped look with the Automatic — nay, automagic — failover of load-balanced SMB shares. Also, the enterprise edition of the new OS has a Windows To Go feature, which will help a user to create an encrypted, secured image of the new OS in a USB driver or a hard disk through BitLocker.

That thumb drive can be connected to any computer and that computer can be turned into a corporate desktop system. However, when it is taken out from the computer, this corporate desktop system will vanish without leaving any files on the system. In fact, this feature is not known by many customers of the new operating system.

With all these features, it is quite sure that the new OS from Microsoft will dominate the business industry in the coming years.