Finished the Windows 8 installation? Change those cursors now!

Mouse cursors are indicators of input position, from where the system will respond to the input command. Cursors are also used to highlight objects or texts in the given context. The image or the shape of the cursor determines the status of the process. The image used as position indicators or the status indicators can be changed according to the user’s wish. This gives the system a more personalized look. Windows operating system will have a library of cursor images included with it that can be accessed from the Control Panel.

Windows 8 operating system is so designed to be the most personalizable operating system ever. All the hardware, firmware and software components are evidence of highly developed thought and conception. Microsoft has not left any stone unturned to make this baby perfect. So, it has the option to install and use new cursors of user’s choice.

Instructions to change the cursor

By default, Windows 8 uses the Aero cursor. It is the normal arrow head cursor. Like in Windows 7 or any other operating system, this can be altered with any of the system cursors available in the cursor collection. To change the cursor, follow the below given procedure:

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click on the down arrow near the Control Panel option. It will show you a list of options.
  • Select the first option : All Control Panel Items.
  • Click on Mouse icon and open Mouse Properties window.
  • Click on Browse to choose Cursor.
  • Select the cursor of your choice from the available list or from file.
  • Click the Apply button to apply this new cursor.

You can select any other cursor file of your own. The only requirement is that the file extensions have to be .cur or .ani. There are more ways to install cursors, e.g. by applying Desktopthemepack files.

The cursor adjustment procedure is same as that in Windows 7 operating system. Changing the cursors can give your system a more personalized look. Not only the pointer or the arrow head cursor, but any other mouse cursors, like the busy status indicator, the hour glass cursor, anything can be changed with custom cursor images of the users choice.

PS: But to do that, you still have to complete the Windows 8 installation!