How to create Windows 8 shortcuts manually

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how to create Windows 8 Taskbar Shortcuts

You will come across a number of questions whenever you try to install a new program or application on your computer. Installation wizard of certain programs provides you the option to create a desktop or taskbar shortcut at the time of installation itself, whereas some do not. But, there are chances that you may not find them upon Windows 8 installation, the new OS from Microsoft. No need to worry if you did not receive a prompt to create a desktop shortcut for your favorite program at the time of installation. You can create them manually by following these steps.

Steps to create Windows 8 Taskbar Shortcuts for your favorite programs:

Start your Windows 8 computer and wait until the start up screen loads up. Now right click over an empty space on your start screen and activate the Start screen menu bar which will be displayed at the screens bottom edge.

  • Now you will have to click All Apps icon from the bottom menu, which will in turn provide you with a list of all your installed programs and apps.
  • Now you can directly select each application or program residing on your desktop to appear in the taskbar by right clicking on
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    a particular icon and then choosing Pin To Taskbar. Now if you are using a touch screen panel, you can select a start screen tile by holding down your finger on the tile and then sliding the icon. Once a check mark sign is appears on the top right corner of your tile, lift your finger and the process is completed.

  • In order to add other programs into your Startup taskbar, you need to follow the above procedure for each. Sadly, Windows 8 does not allow its users to add multiple apps to your taskbar at the same time. Once you are done with the process, your taskbar will be listing all the apps that you wanted to appear on the Startup taskbar. Now you can access your favorite apps directly from the taskbar, which also saves you from the burden of navigating to your startup screen each time you wanted to open an application.

There are some third party applications that you will get upon Windows 8 installation which allows you to design your desktop the way you want it to look! Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!