Installed Windows 8. What next?

Before I start, let me just say that Windows 8 is not out yet. It’s the Windows 8 Developer Preview that I’m talking about here. Just so that you know, this version is totally free.

Yes, you heard it right! The Developer Preview is free!

This can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Wait; don’t skip the article just yet. This is what’s coming once the Windows 8 installation is completed – Windows 8 Express Settings. Although the name sounds pretty cool, you need to know what these settings do before you decide to activate them. And for that, you still have to go through this article!

Windows 8 Express Settings

Once you’ve successfully completed the Windows 8 installation, the operating system asks you to specify the kind of setting you’d like for your system. At this point, you’re confronted with four options:

  1. Automatically install important and recommended updates to help protect your PC.
  2. Help and protect your PC from unsafe content, files and websites.
  3. Send Microsoft info to help make Windows and location services better.
  4. Check online for solutions to problems.

Depending on your selection (after Windows 8 installation, of course!), the operating system decides whether to activate Spynet, enable normal functioning or to send info to Microsoft which can be used to improve the OS.

Protection through updates

Once you’ve activated option one, you’ll automatically receive important updates. Microsoft says that these updates will help the smooth running of your system.

Unsafe content protection

Option two, will automatically install the latest device drivers and also get metadata and other protection apps for your Windows 8 device. Although I couldn’t fully comprehend its function, I guess it must be something important. Why else would Microsoft give such an option!

Contacting Microsoft

The SmartScreen filter of the new OS is activated by selecting this option. Using this feature, the Internet Explorer checks URLs and file downloads with Microsoft. This function can also scan files and apps. Pretty cool, eh?

Online solutions

Once you’ve activated this option, you’ll be sending reports to Microsoft about the different apps in Windows Store. In short, you’ll be joining the Microsoft Spynet group.

Even though I made it sound like a masked vigilante kind of thing, I’m not sure if it comes even close to that. But I’m not judging (just yet!).

Yeah, that’s about it. Keep these in mind so that you don’t have any trouble after the Windows 8 installation.