Windows 8 installation Error 0xc0000225

If you are in the world of computers, errors are inevitable. No matter how perfect your operating system may seem, it is bound to give you errors at some point in time. Like with all the previous operating systems from the house of Windows, issues will begin from Windows 8 installation.

Here we will discuss an error message that crops up during Windows 8 installation on your computer. This error message appears as shown:

Status: 0xc0000225

Info: An unexpected error has occurred.

Technicians explain that this error occurs mostly when you have accepted the default settings while creating the virtual machine. The error message pops up when you boot up your computer. This article also helps you to resolve this Windows 8 installation issue.

Troubleshoot the Windows 8 installation errors

In order to resolve this issue, you should enable IO APIC on VirtualBox. To enable that, select the virtual machine you created. Click Settings->System. Then check the box that says Enable IO APIC. Another thing to remember during Windows 8 installation on VirtualBox is that you have to use the Intel Pro Desktop as the network adapter if you are using Intel because the default network adapter might not work. To change this, you should open the settings dialog. Click Network. Now click on the triangle next to Advanced, to expand it. Under Adapter type, select Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop.

This will resolve the Windows 8 installation issues on your PC. Solving such Windows 8 installation errors are actually easier than you are inclined to think. Don’t let your inexperience with computers and anything computer related dampen your desire to experience the new OS, there are plenty of websites with relevant information on Windows 8 installation and anything Windows related.