Integrated Support For SkyDrive In Windows 8.1

Windows 8

     Windows 8 & SkyDrive

After too long a wait, the most promising digital innovation of our times- Windows 8 has just been released. The Immersive Browser and the Metro UI, which were hyped about a lot, have indeed succeeded in realising the promises made by Microsoft. Well, almost all developers and users had expected that the new OS would come with enhanced support for SkyDrive. But to the disappointment of many, the basic version of Windows 8 did not have much in store for SkyDrive fans. Better late than never- Microsoft has rightly addressed this issue in their latest update Windows 8.1.

In this post, we give you a comprehensive account on the integrated support mechanisms Microsoft has developed for Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 And SkyDrive

As many developers opine, the combination of Windows and SkyDrive is more powerful than ever, and more potent than what other platforms offer. One might think that such claims are a bit exaggerated. Well, the answer is certainly ‘no’. The new development offers seamless connectivity to your cloud-based files from both your desktop and the new Metro mobile environment. However, it would be well in order to examine the details of this development a bit further.

Placeholder Files

As regards SkyDrive integration, the greatest development is that upon initiating the installation of Windows 8.1, you shall be granted seamless access to all your SkyDrive files sans downloading them using your precious disk space and internet bandwidth. With a simple tap or a mouse-click, you can open, edit, rename and move placeholder files just like you handle any other folder and file. Another big advantage is that, as Windows downloads the full file upon accessing it, the downloaded data consumes just five percent of the space on your hard disk as compared to what it needed on SkyDrive.

Thumbnails Have Got Smarter

Cloud-Based Files

Integrated SkyDrive Support For Windows 8

The new development comes with the ability to download large thumbnail images instead of the actual files as you flip through any photos. And the new OS precisely pre-fetches thumbnails for you to quickly scroll through them. It is only when the user wishes to edit a photo that the OS downloads the full file onto the PC.

Moreover, tablet users and others who want to leave the desktop need not leave the Metro environment as they can set their preferences under the option ‘Make Available Offline’.

Well, hope the above explanations make it clear that Windows and SkyDrive is more powerful than ever, thanks to the advent of Windows 8.1.