How to access AppData in Windows 8 easily?

Windows 8 installation

AppData in Windows 8

Application data or AppData is a system folder in Windows 8 operating system that is created in order to protect the data and settings of the user. If you cannot easily view the AppData folder in new Windows 8 operating system, it could be because it is hidden from view. In Windows 8, the AppData folder is created together with 3 subfolders named AppData Local, LocalLow and Roaming. In Windows 8, A folder called Application Data exists or backwards compatibility with XP. However, in Windows 8’s links, you can’t double click the ‘Application Data’ because it is only a symbolic link, or junction point.

In Windows 8, if you are searching for this AppData folder to copy over your Filezilla sites, the old trick of typing %appdata% in the search box doesn’t work. However, the trick will work in the run dialog by typing %appdata% in the Run box (Win Key + R) and pressing enter, which will show the appdata folder. Now if you want to access appdata in Windows 8 after the Windows 8 installation on your PC, here’s how you do it without using the above tricks.

Instructions to access AppData

  • ·         Start off by selecting the desktop tile located on the Start Screen.
  • ·         Now you need to double click on the icon labeled “Computer”. If in case you are not able to see this icon on your desktop, then you need to unhide it. To do this click on the click on “Control panel”, select “Appearance and Personalization”, “Personalization” and “Change Desktop Icons”. After that check the “Desktop Icon” option.
    • ·         Open the “C” drive by double clicking on it.
    • ·         Locate and open the folder labeled “Users
    • Open your user folder.   Give any name you wish, for instance, xyz. This is the name you gave during Windows 8
      Windows 8 installation

      AppData in Windows 8


    • Even though the ‘Appdata’ folder is located here, you might not able to see it at first as this folder is hidden. Click on the View on the menu bar and tick / check Hidden items to unhide the AppData folder. You will be able to see the folder AppData. So, these are the complete steps to access AppData.

By default, The folder AppData is a system file which is hidden. Hope the instructions provided in this article has helped you in viewing the same. Thank you and have a great day ahead!