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You might be familiar with the different Windows operating systems. Windows Vista is one of the operating systems that were introduced with an uproar. There were discussions about the launch of Vista and everyone was waiting curiously for trying the new Vista experience. However, Vista did not prove to be as great it was promised. The Vista OS, which was expected to give a new look to the operating systems encountered several problems. Moreover, the users frequently contacted the Windows Vista Help and Support team to fix their issues with Vista.

Even though Vista turned out to be less successful, it is still used by thousands of people.  In order to ensure the protection for your computer, you might need to give a login password for your computer. This is to prevent anyone else from accessing the information stored in your laptop or desktop. Normally passwords are required, if you have colleagues in your workplace or even in home. However, if you are the only person using this with no one around, then you need not require a password. It would be rather difficult for you to type in the password each time you login to your computer. If you wish to change this, you can make some variation by accessing Advanced User Controls and try to configure the system and this will help you to login automatically as the computer starts up. This requires just few minutes and you can follow the instructions below to perform this or contact the Windows Vista Help and Support team for assistance.


  • You should click on the Start button on your desktop and in the search bar, type Control Userpasswords2. This will open up the User Accounts Control Panel.

    Advanced User Controls

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  • Select a user name now. Select it from the list that you find below the Users For This Computer option.
  • Now uncheck the tick mark against Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer. When you uncheck this box, the option Users For This Computer will be shown as unavailable.
  • You can provide the password in the Automatically Log on dialog box. Provide the password as well as Confirm Password in required fields and click OK.
  • Restart your computer and you will now log into Vista automatically without asking for a password.

If you have any queries regarding the same, you can contact Windows Vista Help and Support team for assistance.