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All you need to do to install an Unsigned Driver in Windows 8

Windows 8 happens to be an operating system produced by Microsoft. It finds wide use in personal computers. This includes home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, and home theater PCs. It comes included within the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was launched several years after the launch of Windows 7. It is based on Metro design language. You can get it from the Windows store. It is provided with a new Start screen, Internet Explorer 10, native support for USB 3.0, a new Windows Defender which combats malware, Windows to go, not to mention, support for UEFI secure boot.

The kennel mode code which signs policy for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista as well as later versions of Windows are known to specify that a kennel mode has to be signed in order to make the driver load. Unsigned drivers like the one which was in the process of installation may work right away on Windows 8. If you happen to be interested in driver signing, please go through the remaining contents of this article.

The steps, which need to be followed in order to install unsigned Windows 8 drivers on Windows 8, are given below.


  1. Head over to the Windows 8 Control Panel. Select General->Under->”Advanced Startup”-> Restart now.

You will see that the system restarts. It will be just a matter of minutes to be displayed at the boot menu. Wait till you see it.

After some time, you will be able to see a menu which is provided with the following options

  • Continue
  • Troubleshoot
  • Turn off
  1. Select Troubleshoot

You will see the menu which is given below.

  • Refresh your PC
  • Reset your PC
  • Advanced Options
  • Choose Advanced Options

You will see the menu given below

  • System Restore
  • System Image recovery
  • Automatic Repair
  • Command prompt
  • Windows Startup Settings
  1. Select Windows Startup Settings. Click Restart 

You will see that the computer restarts. You will be able to see a boot menu. Select “Disable Driver signature Enforcement” from the menu. Windows starts. You will be able to perform installation of the driver, which you have not signed.

This discussion on Windows 8 drivers ends here.

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