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Changing the default Windows 8 Cyan color appearance

Now every color has a slight psychological effect on the person who views it. Even if the effect is minute it, it would be better if you’d keep a color that is to your liking on something you use. A prominent example is the case of your car. If you’ve got a car you would always go for a color of your liking and the same which is pleasing to you. The same goes for the default Windows 8 cyan color of the whole user interface. There are always chances that the user in question might get turned off by the color cyan and would desperately want to change to something more pleasing or personal liking.

Now the whole process of changing the color and appearance of Windows 8 is a very easy task to begin with. Windows 8 offers myriad different colors to choose from and avails you to customize a new color by making use of the different color combinations available. Windows 8 also offers to alter the intensity of these colors to your liking. There is the added feature of three sliders provided: one for Hue, one for Saturation, and one for Brightness. This makes it possible to create any color required.

Here are some steps from Windows 8 support to help you change the default Cyan color in Windows 8.


  • First and foremost, open the Desktop by clicking Desktop tile on the Start Screen on Windows 8.
  • Now, Right click on your desktop and select Personalize.
  •  Next, Left Click on Windows Color at the bottom.
  • Now, you can select your desired color by simply selecting the color grid from the available list.
  • You may also change Color Intensity of the particular selected color by changing the slider.
  • Now, you may enable or disable Transparency by checking or leaving the Transparency option box blank.
  • Next, you may click on the arrow sign beside the “Show Color Mixer” option to enable additional options from where you can manually adjust the brightness, Hue and Saturation levels by simply changing the corresponding sliders and finally click on “Save Changes” option to apply changes. You are done. Now, whenever you want to change the color appearance of your windows 8 just follow these simple steps. 

These steps for Windows 8 support will thus help in selecting and changing the Windows 8 appearance color to different color of your choice.

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