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Microsoft flattens Aero in new Windows 8 OS

Microsoft revealed that the Windows 8 desktop will drop the aero look for the flattened UI to better parallel with the Metro style. Microsoft removed from Windows 8, the “glows and gradients”, “glass and reflections”, and traded in the rounded corners for square edges. The default window chrome in Windows 8 operating system is white in color and it imparts an airy and premium look to the operating system. The taskbar continues to blend into the desktop wallpaper but it appears bit less complicated in overall.

The Windows 8 desktop will not exactly look like the Metro interface. The Windows 8 desktop will use black text on “light-colored chrome” rather than Metro’s white text on colorful backgrounds, like in Windows 7. This is to avoid the issues of compatibility with existing software and to make it familiar to people who were using Windows 7.

Moving to Tablets

Microsoft thinks of moving to a more tablet focused design with Windows 8 it seems. When Microsoft’s work on Windows 8 operating system started first, the iPad was not released. Now, users are having different expectations from their systems. People look for a product that simply works well. They dream of lying back on the couch and enjoying the favorite games, apps and websites and not having to worry about the vagaries of the Registry or power profiles or a million control panels. They want to pick it, enjoy the usage and set it aside.

On the other hand, Windows 7 is “almost absurdly configurable”, agrees the Windows 8 support team. “Microsoft recognises that in the

proper hands, or in the hands of someone who is willing to tolerate the downsides, these are not features to be critical of, but assets of Windows”, says the company. The intention of Microsoft is not to lock down Windows, but for providing a platform that will meet the expectations of the consumers on how a device should work. For those people who know how to configure Windows 8 properly, Windows 8 will be just as configurable. But, for people who don’t wish to fiddle with the settings, they can simply pick up their device and start using it.

That was some Windows 8 support news. Thank you for your time, have a great day!

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