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Some Windows 8 features

Since Microsoft announced that the Windows 8 would be released later this year, everyone wondered why Microsoft would go for such a sudden upgrade, as Windows 7 was such a huge success. And as usual a plethora of Windows 7 vs Windows 8 debates sprung up amongst the tech enthusiasts. Let us now take a look at some of the features of Windows 8, which makes it an upgrade to the likes of Windows 7 and Vista.

Windows on all platforms

Microsoft with its Windows 8, aims to make a operating system that works seamlessly on all platforms such as PCs, smartphones, tablets etc. however, it should be noted that, Microsoft is not allowing its current Windows smartphone users to Windows 8. However, this feature can be availed in all phones and tablets that run on Windows 8.

Metro user interface

Microsoft totally revamped the “Start” button present in the previous versions and now the stylized Start screen welcomes the users to a new user interface named as the Metro user interface. All the apps in the system are now available as tiles in the Start screen itself.

Efficient use of energy

Windows 8 have greater energy efficiency than Windows 7 and this will reflect in the battery life of the laptop. A laptop running on Windows 8 is expected to have a longer battery life. Another feature that improves the energy efficiency is the ability of the Windows 8 to shut down any ports that have not been used for an extended period of time.

Faster OS

In Windows 7 vs Windows 8 speed tests, Windows 8 was easily the winner, notching up a time 25 seconds lower than Windows 7. Even though the difference is only in seconds, it is significant as it is quite noticeable.

Windows 7 vs Windows 8

Even though Windows 8 is yet to be launched, it has become a hot topic amongst the tech enthusiasts and any news or information regarding this operating system receives a wide reception. Although there are certain factors that may count against the operating system, overall it is expected to provide a tough competition for the rival operating systems. It is rumored that the Windows 8 may limit the support for third party web browsers such as Firefox, which might put a dampener on the extensive list of features of the new operating system.

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