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Windows 8 Problems with Nokia to be Resolved

Windows 8, owing to the promises made by Microsoft and the exciting glimpses presented by its developer preview, has by now become the most debated topic in the world of computers. Apart from its state-of-the-art features such as the Immersive Browser and the Metro Style desktop, the OS has garnered appreciation from all sides for its improved support for smart phones.

In this post, we give you a comprehensive account on how and why Microsoft has intervened to save Nokia from its presumably doomed future.

Nokia’s Business as of Now

Nokia was simply the hit anywhere and everywhere till recently. The Finnish company’s symbian and java smart phones were indeed the most sought after in the market till a couple of years back. With the advent of Apple’s iPhones, the global cell phone market witnessed a drastic change, obviously to the detriment of Nokia. Adding fuel to fire- the arrival of Android phones was a bigger disaster for the company.

In a way it could be rightly said that, Nokia out of its commitment to Windows, kept away from the most preferred Android platform, thereby dooming its own prospects. Nevertheless, the point is that Microsoft has formulated its cell-phone market policies much in favor of Nokia, even in financial terms. If you’ve been thinking that Microsoft simply intends to maintain Nokia as their sole gadget for the Windows smart phone OS, you’re wrong. Latest bites from the industry indicate that Microsoft would pay Nokia $ 1 billion per year; and investment bankers say that the support could extend far beyond that amount if Nokia’s current stagnancy persists.

The Other Side

Microsoft has for long stayed away from the hardware segment in order to ensure that they don’t compete with manufacturers who use the Windows OS. However, the other side is that several other priorities may override such a consideration. Microsoft largely considers it important to save a company that is at least for now the sole representative of Windows phones. Moreover, as known to all, the Microsoft-Nokia duo helped the former pose stiff competition to Apple and Google. Notwithstanding the above said, Microsoft and Nokia are mutually reliant and dependent. And let’s hope that we witness the best smart-phones from such an alliance.

Well, that’s all for now about Windows 8 problems. To know more, please read the posts below.

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