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Working in Compatibility Mode of Windows 8

The users who have tried the preview versions of Windows 8 have only good reviews about the operating system. all the promoted features of the operating system is wonderful and above par the expectations of the users. The operating system is indeed the flagship to a new revolution in technology. However, there are some minor troubles (minor as of now, cannot say how it will turnout once the final version is released). Once such trouble, is regarding the compatibility mode in the operating system.

Some users complain about the issues with the Bluetooth driver. The driver that you were using in Windows 7 operating system may not function properly with the new operating system. This article is a guide by Windows 8 help for helping the users in resolving the issues with the compatibility of the Bluetooth drivers. The guide will help in setting the platform to compatibility mode, so that the installation of new drivers and devices will be easy. These steps of this article is a rough set of procedures, this may not work well with the final version of the operating system. If you are facing issues with compatibility of the devices, try these steps.

Windows 8 help in compatibility mode

These steps are simple and the users can easily have it completed in a matter of seconds. Anyone with basic idea of computing can do these.

Setting Windows 8 to its Compatibility Mode

The steps are as follows:

  • As the first steps of the procedure, go to the file explorer on the program that you are going to run.
  • Click on Application and select Troubleshoot Compatibility.
  • Next, click on Troubleshoot program.
  • Click on Program worked in earlier versions of Windows.
  • Click on Windows 7
  • Click on Start the Program.
  • Do not hit NEXT until the install completes.
  • Once the installation completes, click on next. 

These steps were tested and were found to work for the BLUETOOTH keyboard drivers from the ASUS web site. However, the steps may not be working well with the Warpia USB drivers.

Hope this article will help someone out there who is having trouble with the compatibility of the devices. Good luck and have fun with the new operating system.

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